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Hi, I’m Beau.

Author. editor.creator.designer.developer.

Author of over 20+ web-serials & novels, published by, recent addition to the Wattpad Stars program, and Winner of Tapas’s 2018 Summer Writing Competition, Beau Van Dalen’s stories have amassed a total of over one million reads online—between short stories, poems, novels and scripts, he can always be found with a pen in hand.

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Android Affection / Book 1: Rogue Zero

Warrior Of Hearts, Book 1: Online

Somebody’s Monster

I Love You; Goodbye.

Beyond The Evergreen

The Shadow Of A Bird

Warrior of Hearts: Bravery & Sword

White; and the colors you showed me.


Monthly Pages for Warrior Of Hearts Comic Unlocked!

Faster Digital Releases!

I can hire a team to help me release more + faster Paperback Releases, Merch & Other Cool Projects! 🥳🎉💛

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If you enjoy my works and you’d like to help me release more novels/comics, please consider donating either with ink on Tapas, or by pledging on Patreon — I currently work alone, every donation allows me to keep writing!

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On Release Dates for Paperbacks, Hardbacks, eBooks:

I’m currently working on releasing every novel as a paperback, hardback, and eBook!

At the moment I don’t have an exact release date for each book, but my goal is to release everything as soon as possible!

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Coming Soon


– Somebody’s Monster

– Flower Girl


– Warrior Of Hearts

– Rooftops At Sunrise

– Android Affection (2018)

– Android Affection (2020)

– White; ATCYSM

– The Shadow Of A Bird

– Beyond The Evergreen


– I Love You; Goodbye


– Hiraeth

+ More TBA!

Short Stories & Poetry

something gentle (2021)

beauty (2019)

frozen heart (2019)

empty hours (2020)

+ More TBA!


For any business enquiries,
collaborations, or questions

feel free to send a message to
the following email: contact@beauvandalen(dot)com

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