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Beau Van Dalen.
Author. editor.creator.designer.developer.

Author of over 20+ web-serials & novels, published by, recent addition to the Wattpad Stars program, and Winner of Tapas’s 2018 Summer Writing Competition, Beau Van Dalen’s stories have amassed a total of over one million reads online—between short stories, poems, novels and scripts, he can always be found with a pen in hand.

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Somebody’s Monster

Warrior Of Hearts, Book 1: Online

White; and the colors you showed me.


Android Affection / Book 1: Rogue Zero

  • A trans man falls in love with an Android in a dystopian cyberpunk city.

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  • A classic tale of boy-meets-girl. Except the boy is a lonely warlock bound to an island by a mysterious curse. And the girl is a man-eating siren, who terrorizes his village.

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  • When Alex realizes he and his online friend have much in common, what starts off as a casual exchange of late night messages between the two slowly blooms into a genuine friendship. It’s nice—until Alex falls in love. Then, it gets complicated.

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  • In daylight, Indigo is the perfect daughter. In the shadows, he is a master of forbidden alchemy—set in a fantasy world on the grounds of a magic school, a trans warlock fights against a dystopian society with the help of his friends.

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