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  • The Prince's Dearest Guards
Most Loved

Most Loved

Prince Hal wants a boyfriend.
Sadly, he’s much too shy to find any suitable partners.
That is…until he meets his new guards.
On the day of his twenty-first birthday, Crown Prince Hal is introduced to two faithful guards, Elwood and Kaiser, who have been appointed to serve Prince Hal once his Highness becomes King.
As per his kingdom’s coming-of-age traditions, Prince Hal and his new guards must set out on a journey together to slay a mythical creature lost in a faraway land—however, there’s just one nobody warned Prince Hal that his guards would be so hot.
And although Hal’s guards are more than competent in battle, Hal wonders if he and his poor timid heart will survive travelling alone, alongside two of the most handsome men he’s ever seen.
A steamy fantasy romance novella, featuring a trans man protagonist, who longs for amorous adventures with his dearest guards.

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